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Govt. of India - Sovereign Gold Bonds


Rs. 4540 / gram

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Govt. of India - Sovereign Gold Bonds

Invest in Gold at a discount of 500 Rs. per 10 grams, earn 2.5% interest per annum & pay NO TAX.

May 9, 2020 at 8:15:39 AM

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Issue Details (20-21 Series 2 ) Price: ₹45,400/- per 10 grams of Gold (Net of Rs. 500 Discount per 10 grams) Issue Date: Opens on 11th May 2020 , Closes on 15th May 2020. Who can invest: Resident individuals, HUF's, Trusts, Charitable trusts. Corporates aren't allowed. To to know more, visit: To to invest, visit:

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