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A/c Opening (Individual)

Demat A/c Opening Form

Trading A/c Opening Form

Individual (CKYC)


A/c Opening (Non-Individual)


Non- Individual Annexure (KYC)

Trading A/c Opening Form

Non-Individual Demat A/c Opening Form



Individual (CKYC)

Modification (KYC)

Non- Individual Annexure (KYC)

Individual (FATCA)

Non-Individual (FATCA)

Depository (Demat)

Individual Demat A/c Opening Form

Non-Individual Demat A/c Opening Form

BSDA Declaration

A/c Modification Form

Address Change Form

Freeze / Unfreeze Request Form (Annex. 13.1)

Pledge / Re-pledge / Un-pledge / Invocation Request Form (CDSL)

Dematerialization Request From

Rematerialization Request Form

DestatementIzation of Mutual Funds Request Form

Email Authorization Form

Redemption Request Form (RRF)

Nomination Form

DIS Book Issue Form (Mis-placed DIS Book)

Redemption Request Form (RRF)

Transposition & Demat Request Form (For Minimal Name Changes)

Transmission Request Form (Death of Demat Holder)

Tariff Structure

A/c Closure Request Form

Annexure for Off market transfers

Securities Lending & Borrowing

Securities Lending & Borrowing (SLB) Client Agreement

Frequently Asked Questions

Margin Pledge Request Forms

Margin pledge / re-pledge request form

Margin un-pledge request form

Pledge invocation request form


HUF Deed Of Declaration

FEMA Undertaking (NRI)

Norms For Minor A/c Opening

Common Email ID / Phone Number NOC

NRI A/c opening docket

KYC Flowchart

Complaint filing procedure

KMP details

AP List

Filing complaint on scores

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