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Opening a trading / demat account as an NRI

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October 21, 2020 at 12:44:17 PM

Opening a trading / demat account as an NRI

Also, applicable if you hold an resident account but now you wish to change the status to NRI

Note: If you hold an existing account as a resident individual and now your tax status is converted to NRI, you will have to open a fresh trading & demat A/c as changing the tax status is not permissible in trading / demat accounts as on the date of publication of this article.


A Non-Resident Indian (NRI) may open a demat & trading account with PM Securities by linking his/her Non-Resident Ordinary (NRO) or Non-Resident External (NRE) savings bank account.


Step 1: Download the account opening docket by clicking here and sign the same, if you require assistance in doing so please ask your PM Securities associate that you are in touch with or contact us on 022-62554700 and select IVR option for “Account Opening”.


Step 2: Attach the following documents to the form:


A) Proof of your NRO / NRE Bank account (Cheque leaf / Welcome Letter from bank)


B) PIS permission letter (Your bank will provide you the same)

- NOT required for if NRO account is to be linked to your trading A/c

- Mandatory if NRE account is to be linked to your trading A/C


C) Copy of valid passport

- In case of an Indian Passport: Copy of valid passport with the place of birth as India and Copy of Valid Visa

- In case of foreign Passport: Copy of Valid passport, Copy of PIO/OCI card.


D) Address proof

- Overseas address proof — Copy of foreign passport/ Driving license with address on it / utility bills/bank statement (not more than 2 months)/notarised copy of rent agreement/leave & license agreement/ Sale deed

- Indian address proof - if available.


E) Copy of PAN card.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Copy of PAN card, passport, and foreign address proof to be self-attested and notarized by Indian embassy or any other competent authority like Authorized officials of overseas branches of scheduled commercial banks registered in India, public notaries, court magistrate, judge, or the Indian embassy/consulate general in the country that they reside in the country where the NRI resides. The attesting authority should affix a “verified with original” stamp, name, designation, signature and date on the said documents.


Submit the documents to a PM Securities associate that you are in touch with or connect with us on +91-22-62554700 and select IVR option for “Account Opening”. Or write to us at for any help, if required.

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