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Invite a client, friend or a colleague  to open an account online

This option allows to send a targeted invitation to a specific client with their name via SMS or Email. 

This option allows you to auto-generate a message with a link that you can share with multiple clients. All accounts opened via this auto-generated link will be mapped to you. 

Who can i Invite?​

You can invite individuals / non-individuals / NRI's to open an account. 

Will the account opening be completely online or does it require paperwork?

Trading and demat a/c's of resident individuals having a valid Aadhar card with the mobile or email details linked to details will be able to open an account online & completely paperless. Non-individuals & NRI's will require paperwork. 

Will PM Securities be informed when I invite a client?

Yes, when you send an invitation to the client, the link sent to the client is associated to your name & phone number. So, when the client completes the account opening PM Securities will be able to track that client was via your reference. 

Got queries?

You can reach us at or on 022-62554716 for any queries related to account opening.

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