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Fear of many, is an opportunity to some. 

Global markets are in the deep red owing to the economic fallout from COVID-10 coupled with steep fall in global crude prices. This surely does pose a demand as-well as supply side shortfall in the short-term but also presents an opportunity to invest in the industry leaders & visionary business at a discounted price point. Global economy has been subject to such flash disruptions more than a couple times in history & it is only certain that this intermittent jitter does not change the fundamental strengths of businesses. Here's an interesting methodology to cope with the fears & indecisiveness:

sTART A DIRECT SIP in industry leaders. 

This approach is aimed at investing a fixed amount of money on the 15th day of every month starting the 15th of March 2020 for the next 1 year. This minimum amount shall be Rs.24,000 per month. This amount shall vary with the changes in stock prices, every month. The allocation of funds shall be as follows:

Historical returns of the portfolio construct.

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Construct of the portfolio.

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